Lego Star Wars

SKU: x9493

Lead the Rebels into intergalactic battle with the X-Wing Starfighter™!

 Take to the stars in the classic X-Wing Starfighter™!
Featuring wings that fold into attack mode, proton torpedoes,
retractable landing gear and opening cockpit, this most iconic vehicle
of the Star Wars™ universe returns to turn the tide in the battle
against the evil Empire! Includes 4 minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Jek
Porkins, R2-D2 and R5-D8.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Luke Skywalker, new Jek Porkins, R2-D2 and R5-D8
  • Features X-Wing Starfighter™, 1 blaster, and 1 Lightsaber
  • X-Wing Starfighter features retractable landing gear, 2 proton torpedoes, opening cockpit and wings that fold into attack mode
  • Extra wing markings also included
  • Set the wings to attack mode!
  • X-Wing Starfighter measures over 12” (33cm) long
  • Battle the 9492 TIE fighter!

Surprise the Imperial troops at the Battle of Endor!

 Recreate the battle of Endor™ from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi
with this fantastic new battle pack. Help the Endor Rebel troopers
launch a surprise attack on the Imperial forces from the secret Rebel
hideout. Includes 4 minifigures: Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper and 2 Endor
Rebel Troopers.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Stormtrooper, scout trooper and 2 Endor Rebel troopers
  • Features Rebel hideout with weapon rack, speeder bike and 4 blasters
  • Vehicles include speeder bike
  • Fire the flick missile from the Rebel hideout!
  • Speeder bike measures over 5” (14cm) long


SKU: x8083

  • Includes 1 Zev Senesca and 3 Rebel troopers with new Hoth helmet minifigures
  • Ice cutter includes 2 flick fire missiles, rotating gun and cargo box
  • Create your own Hoth battle by adding #8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack
  • Opening scene of Empire Strikes Back from Episode V movie
  • There are 79 pieces with this pack

Bombard the Separatist forces with the Republic artillery cannon!

 The Separatists have sent a new droid enemy to attack the
forces of the Republic, but the clone army’s elite troopers have a new
weapon of their own: the powerful Republic artillery cannon! With
elevating turret and flick missile, those clankers will be running for
cover! Includes 4 minifigures: ARC trooper, ARF trooper and 2 new enemy
Commando Droids.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: ARC Trooper, ARF Trooper and 2 Commando Droids
  • Features Republic artillery cannon and 5 blasters
  • Republic artillery cannon features flick missile
  • Elevate the turret!
  • Fire the flick missile!
  • Republic artillery cannon measures over 5” (13cm) long and 3” (8cm) tall

SKU: x7914

Fight off the clone troopers with the Mandalorian Army!

A new force has entered Clone Wars on the side of the Separatists -
the Mandalorians! Build up your Mandalorian Army and take the battle to
the Clone Army with Mandalorian assassin and 3 Mandalorian trooper
minifigures, each with their own unique weapon.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Mandalorian assassin and 3 Mandalorian troopers
  • Features Mandalorian speeder, blaster turret and 5 weapons
  • Each Mandalorian trooper features a unique weapon
  • Blast the opposition with the big, blaster turret
  • Deploy your forces against the #7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack
  • Mandalorian speeder measures 2” (5cm) wide, 3” (7cm) long
  • Blaster turret measures 2” (5cm) wide and 2” (5cm) long

SKU: x7913

Unleash the might of the clone army against the Mandalorians!

As the Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, the Army of the Republic
faces a powerful new enemy- the Mandalorians! Build up your crack team
of clone troopers with the BARC speeder, the all-new ARF clone trooper, 2
new bomb squad clone troopers and the new clone commander minifigures.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: clone commander, 2 bomb squad clone troopers and 1 ARF clone trooper
  • Features 5 weapons!
  • Includes BARC speeder
  • Move the cannon turret!
  • BARC speeder measures 6” (15cm) long, 3” (7cm) wide