The New Era Of Rollerblading: The Neurology Behind Movement (Paperback)

The New Era Of Rollerblading: The Neurology Behind Movement By John Kitchin, Sylwia Granato Cover Image

The New Era Of Rollerblading: The Neurology Behind Movement (Paperback)


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Rollerblading offers numerous health benefits, including cardiovascular fitness, improved balance and coordination, muscle strengthening, and calorie burning. Additionally, it can positively impact neurology by enhancing brain function through the coordination required to balance and maneuver while rollerblading. This activity stimulates neural pathways, improves reaction time, and promotes overall brain health.


  1. Introduction to Rollerblading: This chapter provides an overview of rollerblading, including its history, popularity, and different styles of rollerblading.

  2. Equipment and Gear: Discusses the essential equipment and gear needed for rollerblading, such as inline skates, protective gear, and accessories.

  3. Techniques and Skills: Covers basic and advanced rollerblading techniques, including how to start, stop, turn, and perform tricks.

  4. Health Benefits: Explores the various health benefits of rollerblading, including cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, balance, coordination, and weight management.

  5. Neurological Effects: Examines the neurological effects of rollerblading, such as improved cognitive function, stress reduction, and mood enhancement.

  6. Safety Tips: Provides important safety tips and precautions for rollerblading, including how to avoid injuries and accidents.

  7. Training and Conditioning: Offers guidance on training and conditioning exercises specifically tailored for rollerbladers to improve performance and prevent injuries.

  8. Nutrition and Hydration: Discusses the importance of proper nutrition and hydration for rollerbladers, including pre- and post-workout meals and staying hydrated during skating sessions.

  9. Cross-Training: Explores cross-training activities that complement rollerblading and help improve overall fitness and performance.

  10. Recovery and Injury Management: Provides tips on recovery strategies and injury management techniques for rollerbladers, including stretching, foam rolling, and seeking professional help when needed.

  11. Advanced Techniques and Tricks: Explores advanced rollerblading techniques and tricks for experienced skaters looking to challenge themselves and push their limits.

  12. Community and Events: Discusses the rollerblading community, including clubs, events, competitions, and online resources for connecting with other rollerbladers.

Each chapter can delve deeper into its respective topic, providing practical advice, expert tips, and real-life examples to engage and inform readers.

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