Saga of the Swordbreaker 5: Game of Immortals (Paperback)

Saga of the Swordbreaker 5: Game of Immortals By Kit Sun Cheah Cover Image

Saga of the Swordbreaker 5: Game of Immortals (Paperback)


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Immortal Glory is the most prestigious tournament in the rivers and lakes. Martial immortals from around the world gather in Shengang to battle for the position of leader of the jianghu-and with it, fame, fortune, and the patronage of the Ten Corporations.

Li Ming doesn't care. Not until he learns that the Wanjianhui seeks to subvert the tournament and win over the rulers of the world.

Joining forces with allies old and new, he participates in a counter-conspiracy to infiltrate Immortal Glory. They don't have to win. They just have to make sure the Wanjianhui loses.

But the specter of commercialism casts a long shadow over Immortal Glory. Billions of yuan are at stake. Hard-won reputations are on the line. Even the support of the authorities won't be enough to overcome dirty tricks, foul play, and naked greed. As he battles renowned fighters and secret societies, Li Ming comes face-to-face with the dark heart of the rivers and lakes.

And under the bright lights of the leitai, the legend of the King of Breaking Swords will be born.
Product Details ISBN: 9789811893131
ISBN-10: 9811893136
Publisher: Indiepen
Publication Date: February 17th, 2024
Pages: 378
Language: English