Freakonomics: Un Economista Politicamente Incorrecto Explora El Lado Oculta de Lo Que Nos Afecta (Paperback)

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Everyone lies. Realtors lie to sell property faster. Holding out to sell
your home for an extra $10,000 only means $150 for the realtor, so
waiting for a better price isn’t always the priority they tell you it
is. Our law enforcement lie to create or hide “crises” when it serves
them to do so. In the run up to the Atlanta Olympics, law enforcement
grossly under reported violent crime to increase their chances of
winning the Olympic bid. They continue to do so; the Atlanta police
department “lost” more than 22,000 reports in 2002 alone! But guess
what? There is one thing that doesn’t lie: it’s the numbers
Steven D. Levitt, an economist with the University of Chicago, uses the
numbers to give greater definition to what many of us see as a very grey
world. He is not the kind of economist who is interested in the trade
deficit or inflation rates. No, he wants to know if drug dealers make so
much why do many still live at home or if naming your child “Loser”
will ruin his/her life. Levitt asks these questions and many more in his
new book, Freakonomics and lets the numbers do the answering. This is
the kind of book that will drive your friends and family crazy because
you won’t be able to shut up about it.

— Matt


Presenting economics as the underlying connection between seemingly unrelated events or phenomena, this international bestseller establishes a new way of looking at the world. The authors explain the hidden side of everything, from violent crime, parenting, and baby names to the Ku Klux Klan and real estate, demonstrating how economics isn't just about numbers, but a study of incentives--how people get what they need and want when others need and want the same thing. Comprobando que el estudio de la economia puede explicar como se relacionan fenomenos distintos, este bestseller internacional establece una nueva manera de ver al mundo. Los autores explican el lado escondido de todo, desde crimenes violentos y nombres de bebes hasta el Ku Klux Klan y bienes raices, demostrando que el estudio de la economia es un estudio de los incentivos: el modo en que las personas obtienen lo que desean o necesitan, especialmente cuando otras personas desean o necesitan lo mismo.

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ISBN: 9788466625128
Publisher: Ediciones B
Publication Date: August 1st, 2006
Pages: 250
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