The Classified Dossier - Sherlock Holmes and Dorian Gray (Hardcover)

The Classified Dossier - Sherlock Holmes and Dorian Gray By Christian Klavier Cover Image

The Classified Dossier - Sherlock Holmes and Dorian Gray (Hardcover)


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Mysterious socialite Dorian Gray is at the centre of Sherlock Holmes’ latest investigation in this astonishing, uncanny mash-up of Victorian mystery and horror.

1903. Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson have tickets to the newly arrived Circus of Amun-Ra. Holmes is puzzled by his brother Mycroft’s cryptic gift but is intrigued enough to attend the next production.

The performers, dressed as wondrous half-animal, half-human gods from Egyptian mythology, display superhuman agility and stunts. But they speak no Arabic, sequester themselves in the stables after each show and take orders from a mysterious ring master who is yet to be seen. And then one of the performers is murdered. 

Holmes’s enquires lead him to a townhouse near Gorsvenor Square, the home of the beautiful and secretive socialite Dorian Gray. As Holmes digs deeper, he learns Gray is hiding much more than his involvement in a murder in a darkly fantastical tale of lies, experimentation, hypnosis and wicked ambition.
Christian Klaver is author of Shadows Over London and the Nightwalker Series, and has also written over a dozen novels in both fantasy and sci-fi, as well as for magazines such as Escape Pod and Dark Wisdom. He's worked as book-seller, bartender and a martial-arts instructor before settling into a career in internet security. He lives in Detroit, Michigan, and  tweets at @mrchrstn

Product Details ISBN: 9781789098716
ISBN-10: 1789098718
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: March 12th, 2024
Pages: 368
Language: English
Praise for Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula:

"This is wonderful storytelling – bold; filled with energy and knowledge – which grabs the reader by the lapels of his or her smoking jacket and drags them merrily into the adventure. Doyle's voice is recaptured and slyly modernised. I can't wait to read the next instalment in what promises to be a supremely witty and dynamic sequence of stories." J.S. Barnes, author of "Dracula's Child" and "The City of Dr Moreau"

"Because it stays true to the characters of both worlds. Klaver can make what could be considered unbelievable, believable. Holmes is the perfect foil to give science fiction and fantasy ideas enough explanation and grounding to be considered real... Well worth picking up for any fan of fantastical Sherlock tales, but also would make a cheeky read for a Holmes purest looking for a little escapism that respects the sources.”
SF Book Review

"Refreshingly original, inherently fascinating, impressively entertaining, deftly crafted, and a thoroughly compelling read from first page to last." Midwest Book Review

“Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula has a 1940s’ B-movie ring to it, but it’s a sprightly romp paying tribute to the classics.” "Peterborough Telegraph Review"

“A supernatural mystery to shiver the timbers... Good page turning stuff.” "Frost Magazine"

“Sherlock Holmes & Count Dracula by Christian Klaver is the ultimate ‘mash-up’.” "Shots Magazine"

“An incredibly imaginative new take on these characters, and Klaver not only brings a fresh spin to Holmes and Watson, but the Dracula mythos too. It establishes a bold new status quo for the world's greatest detective, one that I can't wait to see more of in future volumes.” Trans-scribe Review

“It is lovely to read a book and to realise that you must be having as much fun reading the story as the author had writing it. This is a fine addition to the fantasy world’s take on Holmes. Curl up in a comfy chair on a dark night with a suitable beverage and enjoy yourself!” "Runalong the Shelves Review"

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker were friends and admired each other's work. I'm happy to think that both of them would have greatly enjoyed Christian Klaver's exuberant, reverent mashup of their two best-known characters.
James Lovegrove, author of The Cthulhu Casebooks

A great start to a new series. Klaver knows his Holmes – and his Dracula – and tells a compelling tale that will delight all fans of Holmes and things horrific.
Eric Brown, author of The Martian Menace

A scintillating mash-up of the two big names in Victorian mystery and horror... Put your feet up, light your pipe, pour yourself a nice cup of warm blood, and enjoy.
Philip Purser-Hallard, author of Sherlock Holmes: The Vanishing Man

I honestly couldn’t put it down… You’ll hold your breath, I promise. It’s quite simply the most believable Holmes/fantasy crossover I’ve ever read 
Age of Steam

What's most remarkable about this story is the degree of authenticity Klaver gives it–it reads just like a story by Doyle… exciting and refreshingly unpredictable
Heath Lowrance