Never Date a Siren: College Fae magic series #1 (Paperback)

Never Date a Siren: College Fae magic series #1 By Byrd Nash Cover Image

Never Date a Siren: College Fae magic series #1 (Paperback)


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College Life: Friends, Finals, and the Fae trying to kill you.

"for those who love magical beings living among humans and the things that could go wrong. Boy, can I assure you things go wrong." ★★★★★


When Brigit ran away from her helicopter parents, all the dryad wanted was an uncomplicated college life.

A contemporary fae YA fantasy with twists and surprises.

But being a fae among humans isn't easy. When she's kicked out of her apartment by her Troll roommate, stealing a bedroom from a human appears to be a simple plan.

Unfortunately, he has problems of his own - a messy break-up with a Siren means without her help, he will die.

A quirky fae fantasy about true friendships and magical companions.

Meet a hopelessly dim coco mat and a sarcastic cat, who may be too busy taking a bath to save you.


A YA FANTASY Coming-of-Age story reviewers describe as:

"fast paced and entertaining,"

"new and fresh,"

with "creative and clever world-building"

and "lovable characters."

The first in an exciting series:

#1 Never Date a Siren

#2 A Study in Spirits

#3 A Bane of Hounds


Enroll at Leopold Otto University, in the picturesque European city of Geheimet r, where humans and the fae attend classes together. Remember, though, the administration does not guarantee your safety.

With the first page, a new world of magical friendships awaits you

This story is friendly to ages 12+.

Product Details ISBN: 9781733456630
ISBN-10: 1733456635
Publisher: Rook and Castle Press
Publication Date: November 13th, 2019
Pages: 270
Language: English