Don't Wait Til I Die To Love Me (Paperback)

Don't Wait Til I Die To Love Me By 89s (Illustrator), Soulchld (Introduction by), Michael Tavon Cover Image

Don't Wait Til I Die To Love Me (Paperback)

By 89s (Illustrator), Soulchld (Introduction by), Michael Tavon


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Embark on a profound odyssey through life's intricacies with "Don't Wait Til I Die To Love Me vol.1." In this soul-stirring collection, the author bares his innermost thoughts and emotions, painting a rich tapestry of love in all its dimensions. Tavon's eloquent prose serves as a beacon of enlightenment, urging readers to embrace a fresh perspective on existence and cherish the often-overlooked treasures of everyday life.

With a title as simple as it is profound, "Don't Wait Til I Die To Love Me vol.1" encapsulates a world of meaning that resonates deeply with those who have felt unseen or unappreciated. Poignant pieces like "To The Ones Who Hurt Me" and "For The Misunderstood" speak directly to the hearts of the marginalized, while works such as "Dying Mother" and "Five Senses" evoke a sense of introspection and reverence for both humanity and the natural world.

This collection serves as a vessel for self-discovery and healing, offering readers a mirror to reflect upon their own journeys and find solace in shared experiences. Tavon's words extend a hand of solidarity, reassuring readers that they are not alone in their struggles. Through poignant verses and heartfelt reflections, this book implores individuals to cultivate self-love, extend compassion to others, and nurture a deeper connection with the environment.

A testament to the modern era's poetic prowess, "Don't Wait Til I Die To Love Me vol.1" stands as a comprehensive and resonant guide for those seeking answers, solace, and a renewed sense of purpose in a world brimming with profound complexities.
Product Details ISBN: 9781695002432
ISBN-10: 1695002431
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 8th, 2019
Pages: 176
Language: English