The Montessori Potential: How to Foster Independence, Respect, and Joy in Every Child (Paperback)

The Montessori Potential: How to Foster Independence, Respect, and Joy in Every Child By Paula Lillard Preschlack Cover Image

The Montessori Potential: How to Foster Independence, Respect, and Joy in Every Child (Paperback)


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"The Montessori Potential should be handed to everyone who has ever asked, 'But how does Montessori work in practice and why?' Paula makes the Montessori approach easy to digest, shares her wisdom and experience, and delights the reader with stories of real children and families to bring the ideas to life. A beautifully comprehensive book on how the Montessori approach applies to all ages of children and how we can make Montessori accessible to all." —Simone Davies, author of The Montessori Toddler and coauthor of The Monessori Baby

Children’s future successes depend on developing the abilities to innovate, be resilient in the face of their mistakes, problem-solve creatively, and collaborate with peers effectively.

However, standard American educational practices—stressing memorization, grades, and testing—are failing to foster these skills. There is one complete system of education that effectively supports the natural development of such essential abilities: Montessori.

Montessori education expert Paula Lillard Preschlack offers a clear explanation of how the Montessori approach helps children. By looking closely at authentic Montessori practices, she shows the tight correlation between the Montessori system in action and children practicing and strengthening the very traits they will need for adulthood.

When implemented properly, Montessori can ensure positive outcomes for generations of children—The Montessori Potential shows exactly how this is done in private and public schools, and at home.
Paula Lillard Preschlack, ME, is a certified Montessori teacher who has worked in classrooms for twenty-five years. She is also a speaker on Montessori topics, schools, and programs. She has written for Montessori journals and appeared on podcasts and at international conferences.
If you want your children to have a happy, harmonious education and grow into adults who are able to face whatever challenges are in store for them, I highly recommend this insightful book. Paula Lillard Preschlack explains in great detail what the authentic Montessori approach to education is and how it should be implemented. Even Montessori teachers may discover new perceptions. You will be surprised to learn how fresh, original and innovative Montessori is. This educational approach is unique and stands head and shoulders above both conventional and progressive schools, if fully understood. In Maria Montessori’s own words, 'Most pedagogical theories are based on vague philosophical plans. I would suggest that we start from something concrete, which can be really studied and observed.' Montessori observed children all over the world and realized that they develop along the same lines and have the potential to create universal bonds between all peoples. Paula Lillard Preschlack explains very articulately how to undertake the challenge of helping children to achieve this.” —Carolina Montessori, Montessori archivist, author, and historian, and great-granddaughter of Maria Montessori

“With real-life stories from the classroom, Preschlack’s words wove in and out of the daily work I do with public Montessori leaders. This book introduces the ways of creating and maintaining Montessori programs that support children to reach their full potential.” —Elizabeth G. Slade, public Montessori coach and author of Montessori in Action

“The essential Montessori book for our times. A lifelong student of Montessori and seasoned educator, parent, and head of school, Paula Preschlack describes in vivid detail how it is that graduates of authentic Montessori schools consistently develop the character and traits fundamental to leading successful lives. She discusses the standing of Montessori in schools today—both public and private—and the scientific research behind them to date. A must read for parents, educators, and professionals who seek to help all children reach their potential for an adulthood of contribution, joy, and fulfillment.” —Paula Polk Lillard, author of Montessori Today, Montessori:A Modern Approach, and coauthor of Montessori from the Start

 “This is beautifully written and informative. Just the right amount of factual and anecdotal info.  There is nothing else out there that so clearly articulates the essence of Montessori.” —Janet McDonell, Association Montessori International Trainer

“This book should be given to all parents before they leave the maternity ward and all students seeking a degree in education. It is a driver's manual for navigating through the field of education and child development. Parents and teachers of children of any age will benefit from reading the examples of model schooling activities and learning about the eight character traits fostered in optimal education. A must read for anyone with children in their lives and absolutely required for all Montessorians. Add it to your reading list!” —Julia Volkman, Maitri Learning’s Founder and President
“This book left me feeling thoroughly educated and inspired about Montessori. The personal stories are engaging and the voice rang through as warm, hopeful, and knowledgeable.” —Jeanne Nolan, parent and author of memoir From the Ground Up

“Paula Lillard Preschlack presents, with impeccable clarity in her new book, the philosophical roots of Montessori’s first principles. These first principles convert adults and children into thinkers who become decision makers with high motivation, not actors following how-to instructions. Paula’s remarkable diversity of knowledge and practice extends through all ages and stages, making her book a treasure. It is brilliant.” —David Kahn, Executive Director of NAMTA, Emeritus
“Research on the outcomes of Montessori education shows it is significantly more helpful to children than the standard educational system, and this is particularly the case when implemented with fidelity to Dr Montessori’s recommendations. This book is an open window into high fidelity Montessori classrooms, making clear why the approach benefits children so well.” —Angeline S. Lillard, professor of psychology, University of Virginia

“This is the most comprehensive book I have read that illustrates the history of, framework for, and power of the Montessori approach. Preschlack’s writing has helped me understand, and in turn articulate, why every child deserves a Montessori education!” —Nora Flood, Education Lead at Wend Collective