The Explanation for Everything (Compact Disc)

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By Lauren Grodstein, Rick Adamson (Narrated by)
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Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design.  Here's one for the books (no pun
intended).  Seems like heavy reading, right?   But, author Lauren
Grodstein sets up an interesting story-line that leads us down a
thoughtful path.  Andy Waite is a biology professor at a small college. 
He has two daughters whom he is raising alone.  Twelve years earlier,
his wife, Lou, left the house to pick up dinner and was killed by a
drunk driver.  The driver, Oliver McGee, was a teenage neighbor who had
several DUI's on his record.  Oliver is serving a twenty year sentence,
and Andy is determined to keep him there without parole. 
In-the-mean-time, Andy sets up an experiment in his college lab to prove
that habitual drunk drivers have DNA associated with alcoholism.  But
also on his agenda is a class he likes to teach called "There Is No God:
Special Topics in Evolutionary Biology: Ethics and Debate." 
Unknowingly to Andy, Lionel Shell, a student opposed to Andy's class
material and a proponent for Intelligent Design, entices fellow student 
and evangelical, Melissa Potter to approach Andy and ask him to be her
sponsor for an independent study.  Melissa brings another dimension to
his life as she wheedles her way into his family day-to-day activities. 
Andy is that every man who craves to find what is most meaningful in
his life. His moral compass can't seem to find North any more, and he
struggles with his own beliefs about love and faith and science.  
I tried to figure out which way the author's bread was buttered,
but to her credit, it's not clear which issue suits her best; a good
book to ponder.

— Karen L


Biology professor Andy Waite is finally beginning to pick up the pieces years after a drunk driver killed his wife. Between finishing his research and taking care of his young daughters, he has reasons to get through the day, and most days he does without falling apart. That is, until a young female student enters his life and turns it upside down.Melissa Potter is a passionate evangelist hoping to write the definitive paper about Creationism. She makes Andy's Darwinian certainty-and his grief-a personal challenge. As she chips away at his committed atheism, he begins to realize the emptiness that he's been living with for too long. But when the relationship turns romantic, the boundaries he's worked so hard to maintain-personally and professionally-start to blur, and soon it's unclear what kind of deliverance he really needs.
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ISBN: 9781622312511
ISBN-10: 1622312511
Publisher: HighBridge Audio
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2013
Pages: 510
Language: English

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