Pickleball for Life: Prevent Injury, Play Your Best, & Enjoy the Game (Paperback)

Pickleball for Life: Prevent Injury, Play Your Best, & Enjoy the Game By Jes Reynolds, Sanjay Saint Cover Image

Pickleball for Life: Prevent Injury, Play Your Best, & Enjoy the Game (Paperback)


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Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, in large part because it is so accessible. It seems like everyone can play it, regardless of age or athletic ability. Bursts of high-intensity effort during a game, however, can lead to injuries. Overstretching to reach a ball, taking a tumble during a point, or not adequately warming up before a game is all too common. While it is easy to pick up a paddle and learn to play, it can be challenging to know how to prevent an injury. For this reason, PICKLEBALL FOR LIFE: PREVENT INJURY, PLAY YOUR BEST & ENJOY THE GAME is an important resource for all pickleball players. Coauthored by a personal fitness trainer and a physician, this book offers needed guidance to players at all skill levels and entry points. PICKLEBALL FOR LIFE helps readers through everything from a proper nutritional plan, pickleball training activities, and a head-to-toe approach for injury prevention to a brief pre- and postgame routine. The book also points to additional helpful resources, like videos that demonstrate appropriate exercises. With its easy-to-read conversational tone, readers will feel as though a personal trainer is helping them reach their unique pickleball goals.
"Reynolds & Saint share a totally engaging, personalized, honest and insightful guide to growing any players enjoyment of and benefit from pickle ball, with tools toward avoiding injury." -  Robert Hogikyan

“This short book is full of tips that will help you to improve your overall health, reduce chance of injury, and improve your game, while maximizing your enjoyment of this amazing sport!” -  Larry Junck

"Pickleball for Life is a concise guide to keeping you flexible and mobile not just for a better dinking game but to keep you on the court into your 80s." - Christy Howden, Co-owner of Wolverine Pickleball

"Reynolds & Saint place personal training at your fingertips. Their instruction not only improves your game but offers a safer solution to reduce pain after you play." -  Vineet Chopra
Product Details ISBN: 9781607857327
ISBN-10: 1607857324
Publisher: Maize Books
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Pages: 268
Language: English