The Three Graces: An Epic Poem Illustrated (Paperback)

The Three Graces: An Epic Poem Illustrated By Catherine L. Morris (Illustrator), Catherine L. Morris Cover Image

The Three Graces: An Epic Poem Illustrated (Paperback)


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Aglaea, with splendor's brilliance ablaze,
Euphrosyne, joy's fountain, serenely stays.
Thalia, creativity's dance amaze,
Together, in grace, they weave ethereal rays.

Enter the enchanting world of ancient Greek mythology with this collection of exquisitely crafted wall paintings depicting an original tale of Aphrodite and her attendants, the Three Graces. San Antonio artist Catherine L. Morris invites you to Immerse yourself in a time of divine beauties, jealous goddesses, noble kings, and scheming satyrs with this one-of-a-kind multimedia experience. In this dynamic exhibit, the artist's style includes touches of erotic Beardsleyan minimalism and lush Bouguereauxian portraiture and, at times, recalls ancient Grecian urn painting. With a foreword essay by the artist.

Product Details ISBN: 9781600200045
ISBN-10: 1600200044
Publisher: New Classic Books
Publication Date: January 7th, 2024
Pages: 50
Language: English