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What a fun adventure! Between the wacky story and characters and the historical tour through San Francisco, I was fully engrossed in a vivid alternate City that I wish I could actually visit. Read it, toots! ~ Elena Eustaquio, Books Inc. in San Francisco, CA

I love Christopher Moore. I sometimes read Hammett out loud for the sheer lovely "noirnish" or it. So, when I found a copy of Moore's Noir, I pounced. I think he's created a new genre,"noir-wacky". Atmospheric (that S.F. fog!), action packed with a full cast of crazy and wise-cracking dialogue, Moore has a winner. Oh and Petey? Watch out for him. He's a killer! ~ Kathi Kirby, Powell's Books, Portland, OR

As ever Christopher Moore does his best to dive in and learn as much about a subject as he can before turning around imparting that knowledge to his readers in a deliriously hilariously fashion. In this case he delves into the post WWII years, the possibility of an alien invasion, and the secrets of Area 51 in his trademark filthy humored style. Always a pleasure to see the a new Christopher Moore. ~ Thomas Wilkerson, Bookpeople, Austin, TX

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“Christopher Moore has done it again! Noir is now among my very favorites by this popular novelist. This book is everything it promises: A love letter to hard-boiled detective fiction, a thorough and loving bath in the atmosphere of 1947 San Francisco, and loads of laughs along the way. Aliens? Yes. Romance? Also yes. Add in a cast of characters with heart, moxie, and beguiling banter and you've got Noir, a recipe for pure enjoyment.”
— Mary McDonald, Nicola's Books, Ann Arbor, MI


The absurdly outrageous, sarcastically satiric, and always entertaining New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore returns in finest madcap form with this zany noir set on the mean streets of post-World War II San Francisco, and featuring a diverse cast of characters, including a hapless bartender; his Chinese sidekick; a doll with sharp angles and dangerous curves; a tight-lipped Air Force general; a wisecracking waif; Petey, a black mamba; and many more.

San Francisco. Summer, 1947. A dame walks into a saloon . . .

It's not every afternoon that an enigmatic, comely blonde named Stilton (like the cheese) walks into the scruffy gin joint where Sammy Two Toes Tiffin tends bar. It's love at first sight, but before Sammy can make his move, an Air Force general named Remy arrives with some urgent business. 'Cause when you need something done, Sammy is the guy to go to; he's got the connections on the street.

Meanwhile, a suspicious flying object has been spotted up the Pacific coast in Washington State near Mount Rainer, followed by a mysterious plane crash in a distant patch of desert in New Mexico that goes by the name Roswell. But the real weirdness is happening on the streets of the City by the Bay.

When one of Sammy's schemes goes south and the Cheese mysteriously vanishes, Sammy is forced to contend with his own dark secrets--and more than a few strange goings on--if he wants to find his girl.

Think Raymond Chandler meets Damon Runyon with more than a dash of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes All Stars. It's all very, very Noir. It's all very, very Christopher Moore.

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ISBN: 9781538502235
ISBN-10: 1538502232
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: April 17th, 2018
Language: English
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