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After going to college and not finding what he wanted in life, Russel ends up applying for a job with people he knows from high school doing something he used to do in high school. He wants to go back to designing video games.  Russel starts working at Black Arts after Simon, the mastermind, passed away from an accident that left the building owners putting security cameras in their elevator shafts.  Don, Lisa, and Darren are still working toward putting out their newest game in the "Realms franchise."  Something goes wrong with the Waffle system, the software that helps create the game. No one but recently deceased Simon knows how Waffle works or how to debug it.This story follows a group of friends back and forth through real time and video game time to fix the problem in their system.  The side stories in this book add to the characters' depth making the story richer.  Also, this book demonstrates that you should never give up and that sometimes, obsessing is necessary to achieve what you want. The themes in You are appealing to people interested in computer coding, technology growth over time, or the evolution of games/video games.  Fantasy fans will dig Russel playing out each Black Arts game to locate the rouge code.  This is just a fun book to read.  Other books I might compare You with are Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem, or if you want to go really far back William Gibson's Neuromancer.

— Alex

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ISBN: 9781478978565
ISBN-10: 1478978562
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Publication Date: March 1st, 2013
Language: English
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