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Adam Mansbach's past work includes New York Times #1 Bestseller Go the
F*** to Sleep (a children's book for adults), Rage is Back (out in
paperback on the 24th), Angry Black White Boy, and California book award
winner The End of the Jews.Dead teenage girls have been turning up
in the middle of the Mexican-US desert border buried vertically in the
sand with their legs in the air.  Sheriffs from both sides of the border
are filling with a sad burden.    Sherry Nichols and her mother
have been having a hard time since they escaped from a cult.  Sherry
almost makes a friend when she's snatched from the street.Across the
border in a Mexican prison Galvan is trying to stay out of trouble so
he can get back to his daughter.  Galvan ends up in a fight, is taken to
the bowls of the prison, and is given a task of cataclysmic
proportions.  He must carry a package across the desert on foot while
being partnered with three of his backstabbing (literally) fellow
inmates. Completing this task means freedom for Galvan.After Sherry
goes missing, Ruth, her mother's friend, and a sheriff set out to save
her from what has to be the cult's doing.  Sherry's prospective friend,
Eric, has also made it his mission to save her.  Will someone recover
Sherry? Will the cult be foiled?  What is Galvan carrying across the
desert on foot?  Will there be a showdown between dead virgins and an
old God named El Cucuy?  Who is El Cucuy?  Who knows?I do........(neener, neeener, neeeener)!The
best way to some this book up is old God meets cult meets kidnapping
meets desert fun.  Dead Run is a voyage into a hot dry fantasy land. 
This book has nerve racking action sequences that keep you hovering
above your seat.  Mansbach keeps his story lean and mean with no filler,
just enough details to keep the complex plot at a blistering cadence.
In Dead Run we learn that the human survival instinct can surprise even
the oldest of beings.This will satisfy realistic fantasy fans,
overall fiction fans, or people that want enough action to jump start a
heart.  If you like Dead Run, you will like Rage is Back also by
Mansbach, The Postmortal by Drew Magary, Amped by Daniel H. Wilson or
perhaps The Shotgun Rule by Charlie Huston.  Give this book a try. 
You'll love the atmosphere and urgency Mansbach provides.  Dead Run
races across page and ink so fast your fingers will blister and your
eyes will ring red till you rip into the last page thirsty, sunburned,
and bleeding.

— Alex

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ISBN: 9781467662536
ISBN-10: 1467662534
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2013
Language: English

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