I Hate Everything (Paperback)

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I Hate Everything (Paperback)


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A complete list of all things to hate—maybe some you hadn’t even realized you hate or some that you can rejoice in because someone finally agrees with you. For some people hate warms the soul. For those people, this book will warm your soul right up. That is, if you even have one.

I hate that I'm going bald.
I hate that I still make fun of bald people.
I hate karma.

Amateur haters, step aside. Time to learn what it really means to be miserable. Because this guy hates everything. From hating the little irks that happen now and then (like the water that squirts out of the mustard bottle) to hating the unfortunate realities of today's world (like that superheroes don't exist...but villains do), Matthew DiBenedetti tells readers how he really feels.

With such a variety of miserable musings, you'll find something to laugh at—and someone to loathe with—in this book.
Matthew DiBenedetti is an equal-opportunity hater. After working in the advertising industry for over twenty years, how could he not be? Matthew has worked on corporate marketing campaigns for everything from major sporting good brands and financial institutions to bookstore chains and fine china. He is the author of Everything Is Terrible, I Hate Everyone, and I Hate Everything. He lives and loathes in New Jersey.

Product Details ISBN: 9781440506383
ISBN-10: 1440506388
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication Date: October 18th, 2010
Pages: 400
Language: English