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The Marvel kids superhero team sensation of the 80s returns in an all-new series never before collected - straight from their original creators!

Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power are super hero siblings determined to do their part to protect the world despite their young age. The problem is that their parents don’t want them to have powers — and can’t find out that they do! But when their friend Franklin Richards has a premonition of a galactic threat hurtling their way, the Power siblings will have to decide what kind of heroes they want to be — and what they’re willing to give up along the way!

COLLECTING: Power Pack: Into The Storm (2024) 1-5
Writer and editor Louise Simonson launched Power Pack and Web of Spider-Man and wrote memorable runs on New Mutants and X-Factor — helping map out the “Mutant Massacre,” “Inferno” and “X-Tinction Agenda” crossovers. Her major editorial credits include Star Wars and Uncanny X-Men. At DC, she wrote multiple Superman titles and became one of the main creative forces behind the “Death of Superman” saga; her scripts also appeared in Detective Comics, New Titans and more. She returned to Marvel to write the Galactus the Devourer limited series and 1999-2000’s Warlock, starring characters from New Mutants.

June Brigman helped launch Power Pack, and penciled the adventures of Cloak and Dagger in both their own title and Strange Tales. Her art appeared throughout Marvel’s 1980s team titles — including Alpha Flight, New Mutants and Uncanny X-Men. She penciled one of DC’s many Supergirl series, worked with Pack writer Louise Simonson on Dark Horse’s Star Wars: River of Chaos miniseries and served as artist on long-running comic strip Brenda Starr. She has taught at the Kubert School, as well as the Atlanta branch of the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Product Details ISBN: 9781302923013
ISBN-10: 1302923013
Publisher: Outreach/New Reader
Publication Date: October 8th, 2024
Pages: 144
Language: English