The Final Act of Conrad North: A Michael Russo Mystery (Paperback)

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“The case is cold, the leads are dry, the cop in charge cares more about football and the chief suspect has disappeared.”
    Peter Marabell’s fifth installment in the Michael Russo mystery series is now out, which means more trouble is brewing in northern Michigan! This time though, it’s personal for Michael. If you read the most recent novel of the series, Death Lease, then you know how dangerous a man Conrad North is. If you haven’t, I highly recommend grabbing a copy before starting this stellar follow-up to the North story.
    It has been two years, and Conrad North is a free man, a fact that eats at our favorite Petoskey private investigator with guilt. After the events that transpired in Death Lease, Michael and many others wish to see North behind bars, but not only can they not find any evidence to stick, the man himself has now disappeared. Just when Michael thinks that all hope of justice (or perhaps vengeance) is lost, a woman who lives in Traverse City reaches out to him with a cold case to investigate.
    Annie North, first wife of Conrad North, disappeared years ago. Patricia Geary, a very close companion to Annie before she vanished, is convinced that she is dead, and that Conrad North was the man who murdered her. Even though her body was never found and there’s not much to go on from the police report of her disappearance, Michael sees this as an opportunity to finally get Conrad North. As the case takes him from Traverse City to Petoskey, Harbor Springs and Gaylord, Michael realizes that second chances are rare and that he won’t let North slip through his fingers again.
    I absolutely love this series, and especially this latest novel! With its unique cast of characters and settings that are sometimes literally in our backyard, it is such an entertaining read for mystery fans with a love for northern Michigan.

— From Devin


"The case is cold, the leads are dry, the cops care more about watching football and the chief suspect has disappeared."

"Conrad North is hiding something, and he's scared Russo has found him out."

"Conrad North is a murderer," the caller said. "People are dead because of him."

It had been two years since Conrad North got away with murder. Two years. The cops didn't put him away for Camille North, the prosecutors didn't make the case, but Michael Russo still thinks he's responsible for a killer being on the loose.

Then one day, like a ghost from the past, a phone call; "This is Patricia Geary," the caller said to Russo. "Conrad North killed Annie, too. I want you to get him for it."

Suddenly, two years vanish. Russo takes the case and accepts the daunting task of helping to bring a killer to justice. He chases the elusive Conrad North from Petoskey to Harbor Springs, Gaylord and the streets of Traverse City.

"Conrad's a smart man," AJ reminds him. "He beat all of you last time. This is personal for you. What if Conrad beats you this time, too?"

Second chances don't come easily or often. Russo under- stands the risks because it's his chance to clear his conscience and put a murderer behind bars.

"FINAL ACT balances a sense of grit with the humorous exchanges of previous books in the Russo series and provides ample northern Michigan atmosphere."- Scott Couturier, author of The Magistricide series

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ISBN: 9780990310464
ISBN-10: 0990310469
Publisher: Kendall Sheepman Company
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2019
Pages: 274
Language: English
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