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Graham Greene is one of my favorite authors. There isn't a book of his
that I have read that I haven't come away in wonderment at his gifts as a
writer. Greene digs into the darkest parts of human souls and somehow
puts it all down on paper. The Quiet American is set in Vietnam
in the early 50s. The French are still struggling to maintain their
political position against the Communists, and the United States has
their "toe in the door". Fowler, a British journalist is the main
character along with the American - Pyle, whose reasons for being in
Vietnam remain vague. The story is multi-leveled; a love story, a
political expose, a moral dilemma, a thriller -- take your pick. But if
you really read between the lines, you'll feel the turmoil and almost
understand what happened in Vietnam. If you have seen the movie only,
you will be missing the real essence of this story as well as the
fabulous quality of one of the Twentieth Century's best writers.

— Karen L.


Alden Pyle, an idealistic young American, is sent to Vietnam to promote democracy amidst the intrigue and violence of the French war with the Vietminh. His friend Fowler, a cynical foreign correspondent, looks on but soon finds it difficult to remain simply an observer. Fowler's mistress, a beautiful native girl, creates a catalyst for jealousy and competition between the men and a cultural clash resulting in bloodshed and deep misgivings.

Written in 1955 prior to the Vietnam conflict, The Quiet American foreshadows the events leading up to the war. Questions surrounding the moral ambiguity of the involvement of the United States in foreign countries are as relevant today as they were fifty years ago.

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ISBN: 9780786192915
ISBN-10: 0786192917
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 1998
Pages: 6
Language: English
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