In The Shadows of Fate

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in the shadows of fate rick mclean and eakin booksellers bookstore authorTHE DEBUT NOVEL FROM AUTHOR RICK JUREWICZ


When a young woman sets herself on a journey to discover a past she’s never known, she finds herself facing a destiny that touches the threshold of Heaven, Hell, and all that lies in between.

Miranda Stratton is a fiercely independent college student plagued by the sudden recurrence of a nightmare that haunted her childhood nights, returning more intense than ever before. As her studies begin to suffer, Miranda makes the difficult decision to take time off from school and return to her home in the small northern Michigan town of Native Springs. The day after she arrives at her family’s new house, a package is delivered addressed to Miranda with no return address.

Miranda’s plans to get her life back on track again are turned upside down when the contents of the package set her on a journey into the depths of a past she’s never known, taking her from the rugged and remote wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the urban landscapes of the cities of southern Michigan. Coming into possession of an ancient document revealing a very different take on the Adversary of God, Miranda is pursued by the mysterious and violent Mr. Cain and Mr. Skye. With almost no one she can trust except Jake, her high school ex-boyfriend with whom she shares a complicated relationship, and Lydia, her best friend and roommate, Miranda finds herself on the verge of discovering the dark truth about the nightmare that has followed her throughout her entire life – and a startling personal revelation that will forever change her destiny.

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Rick Jurewicz was born in Southfield, Michigan, but grew up and has lived in the northern tip region of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula almost all of his life. While being raised in an environment rich in dense wilderness, filled with lakes and streams in a region of vastly changing seasons, Rick loved to live in his mind in worlds of far away places and dreamed of heroes and villains clashing in desperate battles to save kingdoms, worlds, and often their very souls.

Rick has been writing short stories and poetry for more than 20 years, featuring some works in newspaper publications local to the northern Michigan area, and has shared many of his works via his social media outlets. In the Shadows of Fate is Rick’s first full-length novel.

A lover of dark drama, horror and sci-fi, in both print and film media, Rick has found his greatest inspirations for writing in the modern works of Neil Gaiman, Anne Rice, Thomas Harris & Stephen King, to the gothic writings of the dark and beautiful Edgar Allan Poe and the adventurous tales of the legendary Robert Louis Stevenson.

Rick and his family reside in Indian River, Michigan.


I really don't want to give away too much about this one; I don't want to ruin any of the surprises for you.  Miranda is having a tough time at school with a recurring nightmare in the mix, and decides to return to her hometown to de-stress and gather her thoughts together.  Soon after getting there, Miranda receives a package.  That is strange in and of itself since her parents just moved, and she has told no one she is coming home.  It contains a video of the nightmare she has been having every night.  This leads her on a road trip to find answers to who she really is.  The more she discovers, the more dangerous this story becomes.  Luckily, she does have some friends that will fight with her the whole way, but will everyone make it out alive? 
In The Shadows of Fate is a terrifyingly terrific journey through Northern Michigan as Miranda Stratton tries to come to terms with a brand new life after the one she has been living so far is shattered by a VHS recording of her recurring nightmare is delivered to her doorstep. This debut title by local author and favorite customer, Rick Jurewicz, had me on the edge of my seat until the very end.  There are some ideas Rick came up with in this novel that I had to ask whether or not were real.  I thought they were gospel until he told me he fabricated them.   It had some of my favorite elements that make a great story: it takes place in Northern Michigan as well as other places in the our great state; there are creepy and horrific occult mystery conspiracies; the high emotional drama between different characters and action sequences are vivid; and most of all, there are extremely believable characters, who you could have sworn you met somewhere around Petoskey.  I literally felt like I was on the journey with Miranda flying all across Michigan in her 2009 Pontiac Vibe.  It's a perfect piece of spine tingling fiction, sure to keep you up all night, because you won't sleep until you finish it.


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