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Gaydar Gone Wrong starts with the tale of a young girl who struggles with abuse and must somehow manage to find her way into adulthood, as well as find herself, through hardships, questionable choices, trials and tribulations, humor, and of course, love. A true coming-of-age story with heartfelt memories and laughter. This autobiographical account is truly an emotional roller-coaster with a highly inspirational message to follow your dreams, and most of all, your heart

How will the character overcome the challenges in her life? Does she ever get to breathe and be proud of who she is? Will she ever find a final destination to her own self worth? Is that personal acceptance really as easy as everyone says it is? Who is the one person who completely unexpectedly shows her an open door she never thought she would see? What blast from the past made a final mark on her life that would last forever and was it a good thing or bad? The world can be a very cruel and downright evil place to be if you don't know who you are. The path everyone takes is their own with many ups and downs and sooner or later we all learn some type of a lesson. What's yours?

About the Author

Lena Rai is a member of the LTBB Tribe who lives just under the Mackinaw Bridge. She lives with her wife and partner going on 5 years. They both share 3 beautiful boys and another whom they consider their adopted child.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780692775592
ISBN-10: 0692775595
Publisher: Lena Rai
Publication Date: August 28th, 2016
Pages: 298
Language: English

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