A Dedication To Difficult Dogs: A Heartwarming Tale Shedding Light on Canine Mental Health (Paperback)

A Dedication To Difficult Dogs: A Heartwarming Tale Shedding Light on Canine Mental Health By Dennis Wormald Cover Image

A Dedication To Difficult Dogs: A Heartwarming Tale Shedding Light on Canine Mental Health (Paperback)


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A groundbreaking book designed to shed light on the mental health crisis in dogs.

Two dogs, two journeys, one heartbreaking reality. Allen and Nella are beloved puppies, misunderstood by their owners and society. Their struggle with behavioural problems leads to a quest for help, but the paths they take could not be more different. Allen is trained with force, providing quick results, but will he find happiness? Nella's problems are managed with empathy, but will a soft-handed approach work? Join the dogs on their journey and see the devastating impact of ignorance about dog behaviour, and the power of compassion.

As a veterinarian with a PhD in dog anxiety, Dr Dennis Wormald brings a wealth of knowledge to this remarkable story, which is inspired by his clinical work in dog behaviour medicine. Each chapter ends with an eye-opening non-fiction essay, giving scientific insight into why our furry friends misbehave (and how to help them).

Get ready to embark on an emotional rollercoaster that will challenge your understanding of what it means to be a responsible guardian.

Take a journey into the emotional world of dogs.

In this book, you will learn to truly understand how a dog with behavioural issues feels, and how the issues develop. The range of common behaviour conditions covered includes:

  1. Barking, growling or biting at dogs or people
  2. Separation anxiety
  3. Dog anxiety disorders in general
  4. Noise related fears and phobias
  5. General training concerns, like toilet training, pulling on the leash and jumping up

Learn to feel empathy for even the most aggressive, naughty or disobedient dog.

You can't effectively treat a dog with behaviour problems unless you truly understand why the problems are occurring. Through a combination of story and theory, this enjoyable read will give a unique insight into what is actually motivating the difficult behaviours that dogs can display. Designed specifically to help bring about a change in society, this book is unlike any other information on dog behaviour you will find. Part fiction, part non-fiction behaviour theory, this book dances between entertainment and education to produce an enjoyable and enlightening read.

This book is strongly recommended for the following types of people:

  1. Owners of dogs with challenging behaviours
  2. People who have a puppy, and want to prevent behavioural issues
  3. Veterinary care professionals who need to understand their dangerous patients
  4. Dog trainers who want to a deep insight into canine mental health conditions
  5. Dog guardians who believe strongly in animal welfare

About the author:

Dr Dennis Wormald has used a lifetime of study and research to provide scientific accuracy and insight to this book. He earned his Bachelor of Veterinary Science and PhD on canine anxiety from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He also has a biomedical science degree with a neuroscience major, and research experience in addiction neuroscience at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Dr Wormald is also a member by examination of the Veterinary Behaviour Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Dr Wormald enjoys working as a veterinarian doing private veterinary referral behaviour consulting for dogs in Melbourne, Australia. He is also the founder of ABAdog, an online dog behaviour education business. This startup currently services over 50 veterinary clinics across Australia, providing custom dog behaviour advice for their patients.

Product Details ISBN: 9780645770803
ISBN-10: 0645770809
Publisher: Abadog Pty Ltd
Publication Date: May 16th, 2023
Pages: 266
Language: English