The Complete Book of Pickleball: The Ultimate Training Guide for Passionate Players of All Levels (Paperback)

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The Complete Book of Pickleball: The Ultimate Training Guide for Passionate Players of All Levels By Kurt Brungardt, Brett Brungardt, Mike Brungardt Cover Image

The Complete Book of Pickleball: The Ultimate Training Guide for Passionate Players of All Levels (Paperback)


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A holistic workout program that shares ways to improve the fitness benefits of this wildly popular sport while remaining injury-free.

Build Your Best Pickleball Body and Play Fast, Strong, and Injury-Free

Easy to learn and fun to play, pickleball is also a surprisingly athletic sport. In this  user-friendly book, fitness superstars, the Brungardt brothers, focus their expertise on the needs of pickleball players of all levels, applying the same innovative training methods they’ve used with NBA MVPs, Cy Young Award-winners, and Olympic and tennis champions, to make picklers more athletic and injury-resistant.

To safely reach your pickleball potential, health and fitness professionals agree that the sport should not be your only form of exercise. To fill this critical gap, the Brungardts have created PB-150, a comprehensive program that delivers all the components of an elite pro training center experience—with the fun and flexibility of the pickleball spirit.

The Complete Book of Pickleball brings together a dream team of experts in the fields of strength and conditioning, sports movement, sports vision, physical therapy, sports psychology, athletic training, performance nutrition, and sports medicine. Along with the Brungardts, these experts will coach you through an interactive, easy-to-follow, holistic workout that includes:

  • Prehab exercises to help you avoid injuries and play pain-free
  • Dynamic warm-ups to prep you to play at a high level
  • Strength Training to increase your power output
  • Drills to improve balance, coordination, agility, and quickness
  • Sports Vision Training to boost reaction time
  • Mental techniques to enhance your game and create resilience
  • Performance nutrition to fuel, recover, and rebuild

Combining your passion for the game with the PB-150 training program gives you a portal into all the transformative benefits of exercise, while allowing you to enjoy the game you love, for a lifetime.
Kurt Brungardt is a bestselling author and certified personal trainer. He has written twelve books on health, physical culture, and sports that include the bestsellers The Complete Book of Abs (Villard/Random House), The Complete Book of Core Training (Hyperion/Hachette), and The Running Revolution with Dr. Nicholas Romanov (Penguin).
Mike Brungardt was Head strength and conditioning coach for the San Antonio Spurs for 17 years (four Championship seasons). He was inducted into the USA Strength Coaches Hall of Fame in 2011 and is currently the CEO for PROOF Athletic Training.
Brett Brungardt is co-founder of Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM). BAM is the leader in standardized testing and data acquisition for pro, college, and youth sports. He has trained NBA MVPs, NBA dunk champions, Cy Young Award Winners, NFL players, and Olympic athletes. He has been the strength and conditioning coach for the Dallas Mavericks, University of Washington, Beijing Ducks, University of Kentucky, University of Wyoming, and University of Houston.

Product Details ISBN: 9780593715192
ISBN-10: 0593715195
Publisher: Avery
Publication Date: April 30th, 2024
Pages: 288
Language: English
“Now that I am almost eighty years old, I take my training seriously when it comes to anything that I do, especially my new passion—pickleball. I am astonished that most older players do not prepare themselves properly before competing in this great sport. This book will not only help you to prepare properly for pickleball but also to prepare for leading a healthier life. I highly recommend everyone read it to reduce the chances of injury and enjoy life to its fullest.”
—Rick Barry, NBA Top 50 and Basketball Hall of Fame, winner of a gold medal at the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships

“The Brungardt brothers, whom I have known for fifteen years, developed an amazing, easy-to-follow plan to help you safely enjoy pickleball.”
—Fabrice Gautier, physiotherapist and osteopath for the French National Basketball Team

“The Complete Book of Pickleball is a great road map for balanced athletic development and health for any novice to elite-level athlete.”
—Rick Huegli, strength and conditioning coach, NHSSCA Hall of Fame Member

“As a physical therapist, I’m seeing more and more pickleball injuries. The Complete Book of Pickleball is the perfect resource to help players enhance their overall wellness, reduce injuries, and play pain-free.”
—Kate Horrigan, OMPT, New York University

“Pickleball has taken the country by storm! Unfortunately, most players are not physically prepared, and injuries have been rampant—until now! This fun-to-read book will help improve your health and your game. And it will definitely decrease your chance of injuries.”
—Bill Foran, Hall of Fame strength and conditioning coach for the Miami Heat, including three NBA Championships

“This book is more than an introduction to pickleball fitness; it is also a plan for wellness and injury prevention for life.”
—Sam Sumyk, leading professional tennis coach, including winners of the Wimbledon, French, and Australian Opens

“I cannot say enough about how much I have learned from the Brungardts in terms of training high-level athletes under unconventional circumstances. This book will help anyone train in the real world with the pressures of a busy, full life and a packed schedule.”
—Justin Jackson, expert in NFL and NBA combine training and player development

“Pickleball has taken the world by storm, and these guys know their stuff. Listen to the Brungardt brothers—success has a way of following them. Mike and I worked together to earn two World Championships with the Spurs. I’d go to battle with him anywhere, any day.”
—David L. Cook, PhD, author and executive producer of Seven Days in Utopia

“This book is an important resource for any pickleball player. For players to stay injury-resistant and play at a high level, pickleball cannot be their only form of exercise.”
—Steven Wilde, Wilde Fitness

"As a former coach and athlete who has worked with the Brungardts, I know of no better way to improve performance and decrease the chances of injury than a complete fitness program as they have designed in The Complete Book of Pickleball."
John Silich, former member of the national champion Gentlemen of Aspen Ruby Team

"A much-needed addition to the library of any pickleball player to help them play the game they love injury-free and improve their overall wellness."
Dave Katz, MLIS, Reference Librarian, Broward County Libraries