Return of the Crimson Guard (Novel of the Malazan Empire) (Paperback)

Return of the Crimson Guard (Novel of the Malazan Empire) By Ian C. Esslemont Cover Image

Return of the Crimson Guard (Novel of the Malazan Empire) (Paperback)



From the pen of million copy seller Ian C Esslemont comes this breath-taking, thrilling and captivating epic fantasy - a must read for fans of Steven Erikson, David Gemmell and Brandon Sanderson.

Everything you expect of a Malazan story, being both epic and relevant... nail-biting and anything but obvious" - SFFWORLD
"The Malazan franchise is fighting fit in the hands of its co-creator" - SFX
"A true Malazan tale to sink your teeth into" -- ***** Reader review
"Fast paced, truly involving, with characters who are not just realistic but who also seem to draw out the reader's empathy." -- ***** Reader review
"Complex and engaging" -- ***** Reader review
The return of the Crimson Guard could not have come at a worse time for an empire exhausted by warfare and weakened by betrayals and rivalries.

Into the seething cauldron of Quon Tali - the Malazan Empire's heartland - they march, and with their return comes the memory of their vow: undying opposition to the Empire. Yet, elements within the Guard's lite, the Avowed, have set their sights on far greater power.

As the Guard prepare to wage war, the Empress Laseen's generals and mages grow impatient at what they perceive as her mismanagement of the Empire.

Is she losing her grip on power or has she outwitted them all? Could she be using the uprisings to draw out and finally eliminate the last irksome survivors from the days of Kellanved, her illustrious predecessor?

Product Details ISBN: 9780553824476
ISBN-10: 0553824473
Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: June 1st, 2009
Pages: 1053
Language: English
Series: Novel of the Malazan Empire