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SPOILER WARNING!The much anticipated sequel to Damned, Doomed
is just as mouth-wateringly delicious as Damned. Finding herself
trapped with the living until the next Halloween, Maddie Spencer goes
back to her old haunts and learns just how much her telemarketing
exploits in Hell have  altered the natural state of good and evil. Given
her parents bizarrely influential role in society and radiating
confidence, they have developed a new religion based around being rude,
bad language, and bad hygiene, promising that these things would most
assuredly get you into heaven and thus condemning you to hell. Maddy
must stop her parents from condemning the world to Hell and continue her
battle against the Devil. 
you're not don't read it.

— Chelsea


Madison Spencer, the liveliest and snarkiest dead girl in the universe, continues the afterlife adventure begun in Chuck Palahniuk’s bestseller Damned. Just as that novel brought us a brilliant Hell that only he could imagine, Doomed is a dark and twisted apocalyptic vision from this provocative storyteller.

The bestselling Damned chronicled Madison’s journey across the unspeakable (and really gross) landscape of the afterlife to confront the Devil himself. But her story isn’t over yet. In a series of electronic dispatches from the Great Beyond, Doomed describes the ultimate showdown between Good and Evil.
     After a Halloween ritual gone awry, Madison finds herself trapped in Purgatory—or, as mortals like you and I know it, Earth. She can see and hear every detail of the world she left behind, yet she’s invisible to everyone who’s still alive. Not only do people look right through her, they walk right through her as well. The upside is that, no longer subject to physical limitations, she can pass through doors and walls. Her first stop is her parents’ luxurious apartment, where she encounters the ghost of her long-deceased grandmother. For Madison, the encounter triggers memories of the awful summer she spent upstate with Nana Minnie and her grandfather, Papadaddy. As she revisits the painful truth of what transpired over those months (including a disturbing and finally fatal meeting in a rest stop’s fetid men’s room, in which . . . well, never mind), her saga of eternal damnation takes on a new and sinister meaning. Satan has had Madison in his sights from the very beginning: through her and her narcissistic celebrity parents, he plans to engineer an era of eternal damnation. For everyone.
     Once again, our unconventional but plucky heroine must face her fears and gather her wits for the battle of a lifetime. Dante Alighieri, watch your back; Chuck Palahniuk is gaining on you.

About the Author

CHUCK PALAHNIUK's twelve bestselling novels"--Damned," "Tell-All," "Pygmy," "Snuff," "Rant," "Haunted," "Diary," "Lullaby," "Choke," "Invisible Monsters," "Survivor," and "Fight Club"--have sold more than five million copies in the United States. He is also the author of "Fugitives and Refugees," published as part of the Crown Journey Series, and the nonfiction collection "Stranger Than Fiction." He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Praise For…

Praise for DOOMED:

"If you only read one book this year about a dead teenager posting on message boards about playing supernaturalist and tempting Satan’s wrath, let it be this one."

"...A grand, funny, troubling and rewarding read, and personally, I can't wait for the third of the trilogy. Damaged? Delighted? Devilled? Doubted? Simply Dead? Maddie is my new post-alive heroine."
The Guardian

"Those who aren't frightened by the lurid littering of gutter humor and oozing bodily fluids will find in Doomed a master satirist and culture critic at the height of his bold, anarchic powers."
Nashville Scene

"Palahniuk’s fans will surely be pleased..."
—Publishers Weekly

Product Details
ISBN: 9780385533034
ISBN-10: 0385533039
Publisher: Doubleday Books
Publication Date: October 8th, 2013
Pages: 329
Language: English

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