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Jon Winokur defines and classifies irony and contrasts it with coincidence and cynicism, and other oft-confused concepts that many think are ironic. He looks at the different forms irony can take, from an irony deficiency to visual irony to an understatement, using photographs and relate-able examples from pop culture.  * "Irony in Action" looks at irony in language, both verbal and visual, while "Bastions of Irony" and "Masters of Irony" look at institutions and individuals steeped in irony, though not always intentionally.  PLUS:
* The Annals of Irony looks at irony, and its lack thereof, throughout history.  A delight for anyone with a smart, dark sense of humor.

About the Author

JON WINOKUR is the author of a number of reference books and anthologies, including "The Portable Curmudgeon," "Ennui to Go "and "Encyclopedia Neurotica." He lives in Pacific Palisades, California.

Praise For…

"This gleefully witty treatise, a playful exploration of irony by someone who has mastered it himself, opens with definitions of irony and explanations of its many forms. Winokur (The Portable Curmudgeon ) then progresses through the "Annals of Irony," dating from 423 B.C.E. to the present, and he bolsters his chapters with generous helpings of quotes from public personages notable for their senses of irony. While he explores the historical aspects of irony, he also cites examples from current masters of the form, e.g., comedians Ali G and Sarah Silverman. Readers who do not appreciate cultural phenomena like Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm may not care to digest the text fully, but those who enjoy The Onion or The Simpsons should find much entertaining here." --Library Journal  

Product Details
ISBN: 9780312354831
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: February 6th, 2007
Pages: 192


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