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By Lissa Price, Rebecca Lowman (Read by)
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If you loved The Hunger Games, this book is for you.
In Starters, we follow Callie, an orphan caring for her younger brother.
Callie and her brother are “unclaimed minors” meaning that their
parents, grandparents and any other ancestors are dead. The book takes
place after the Spore Wars killed anyone between the ages 20 and 60.
The adults who have been left behind are aging and can live forever and
are looking for ways to reclaim their youth... and the unclaimed youth
are looking for ways to make a living and survive. One way is to become
a rental unit for a renter through the company Prime Destinations.
Callie's only option to provide for her brother is to become a renter,
but once she begins the process she discovers that there is much more to
the story than the public believes and it will be up to her to stop
Prime Destinations and their evil plot.

— Bess


Callie lost her parents when the Spore Warswiped out everyone between the ages of twenty and sixty. She and her little brother, Tyler, are on the run, living as squatters with their friend Michael and fighting off renegades who would kill them for a cookie. Callie's only hope is Prime Destinations, a disturbing place in Beverly Hills run by a mysterious figure known as the Old Man. He hires teens to rent their bodies to Enders seniors who want to be young again. Callie, desperate for the money that will keep her, Tyler, and Michael alive, agrees to be a donor. But the neurochip they place in Callie's head malfunctions and she wakes up in the life of her renter, living in her mansion, driving her cars, and going out with a senator's son.
It feels almost like a fairy tale, until Callie discovers that her renter intends to do more than party and that Prime Destinations plans are more evil than Callie could ever have imagined. . . .

About the Author

Lissa Pricehas studied photography and writing, but the world has turned out to be her greatest teacher. She lives in the foothills of Southern California with her husband and the occasional deer."

Praise For…

"The only thing better than a terrific concept is one that is as well executed as Starters. Readers who have been waiting for a worthy successor to Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games will find it here. Dystopian sci-fi at its best, Starters is terrific series kickoff with a didn't-see-that-coming conclusion that will leave readers on the edges of their seats."
Los Angeles Times

"Built up to a dramatic climax and a stunning twist, Starters is an addictive and alluring tale about human nature's darker side, and how far we'll go to get what we want. Readers everywhere will want to dive right in, and Hunger Games fans especially will find themselves hooked."

"This story of those who are not what they seem twists along with multiple-identity switcheroos and chase scenes worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster . . . The inevitable sequel can’t appear soon enough."
"Constantly rising stakes keep this debut intense."
Kirkus Reviews

“Newcomer Price launches a dystopian series that offers . . . a notable command of technique . . . Raising questions about class, property, and body/mind separation, Price's thriller features well-crafted tension, believable villains, and moments of stolen sweetness.”
Publishers Weekly

“This action-packed novel is set in a twisted, hostile world and is a must-read for fans of The Hunger Games and Legend. Fast paced, romantic, and thought provoking, the jaw-dropping ending left us starving for a sequel.”
Justine Magazine

“Starters is a dystopian read you'll want to snatch up for yourself . . . With its intriguing plot-twists and dash of romance, Lissa's novel is a bona fide pageturner that proves you can't take anything—or anyone—at face value.”
—’s Hollywood Crush Blog

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ISBN: 9780307968340
ISBN-10: 0307968340
Publisher: Listening Library
Publication Date: March 13th, 2012
Language: English

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