Beyond the Lighthouse, Over the Mountains

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Three friends embark upon a hero's journey, questing for a distant treasure. The way isarduous and fraught with peril, yet the trio boldly presses on. Much to their relief, help comesalong when they least expect it-a guiding bright light, help from a thoughtful stranger,fellowship in a broken village. But is the kindness of strangers enough to help the threefriends survive vicious storms, fend off fire-breathing monsters, and conquer their own fears?Find out as the adventure builds toward a prize worthy of a treasure chest.Beyond the Lighthouse, Over the Mountains is a fairy tale of contrasting experiences, wherecozy spaces and beautiful places exist within the context of a formidable journey and diresituations. It is a book to be shared-to be read by a parent, grandparent, or friend, with achild they care about-in the shade of a tall tree on a warm summer day, or snuggled by thefireside on a cold winter evening.



About the Author:

Tony Steeno has lived a unique life. His experiences growing up and life as a dad stronglyshaped Beyond the Lighthouse, Over the Mountains, his first book.When Tony was a teen he found a mentor named Dallas Anderson, an internationallyrespected sculptor and retired college professor. Anderson taught him the philosophy of artand helped him understand how things you can't see-the interplay of art, spirit, imagination,and ideas-are just as important as the visible world.As a young adult Tony lived in Chinle, Arizona, at the heart of the Navajo Nation. Originallyfrom Wisconsin, this was a novel experience and a tremendous opportunity for him. Heexperienced the kindness of strangers who became his friends, witnessed the beauty ofNavajo culture, developed an affection for regional folklore and art, and grew to appreciatethe geography, flora, and fauna of the mountains and desert of the Southwest.Now a father, Tony cherishes spending time with his children-in particular, story time! One ofthe best parts of his day is reading to his children as they snuggle up beside him. He hopeshis book might inspire others to do the same.



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