Anna Grace


Hello, my name is Anna Grace.  

I read history, historical fiction, fantasy, biographies, and classic literature.  I also enjoy exploring new genres and ideas when I get the chance.  I love to learn, and, as a result, I love to read.  Before I could read, I admired the pictures and took them in for hours at a time.  By studying these images, I was taken to another world inspired by the illustrators’ visions.  As the words started to form sentences and paint their own part of the story, the worlds to which they took me became more vivid and gripping, so much so, I couldn’t cope with the end of a story.  As a result, I would start the book over and over and over. Nothing has changed since then.  I believe in seeking out any means necessary to tell a good story, whether it’s through a picture, book, movie, game, music, etc.


Signed Editions

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