Hello, my name is Alex Goeller-Ness. I'm 25 years young. Reading is an addiction for me.  My house is filled with shelves of read and unread books.  Fiction or non both excite me.  Although I read fiction most of the time.  I like authors like Palahniuk, Welsh, Charlie Huston, David Wong, Christopher Moore, Ketchum, as well as so many others.  Biographies and memoirs are also on my shelves.  Business and strategy related non fiction are fun to read as well as informational. Really, I'm just all around excited about books.  Of course you can't forget the countless graphic novels that i consume.  I can't wait to learn everyone's reading tastes and being able to help everyone.  

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The Dead Run Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780062199652
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Voyager - September 24th, 2013

Adam Mansbach's past work includes New York Times #1 Bestseller Go the F*** to Sleep (a children's book for adults), Rage is Back (out in paperback on the 24th), Angry Black White Boy, and California book award winner The End of the Jews.
Dead teenage girls have been turning up in the middle of the Mexican-US desert border buried vertically in the sand with their legs in the air.  Sheriffs from both sides of the border are filling with a sad burden.   
Sherry Nichols and her mother have been having a hard time since they escaped from a cult.  Sherry almost makes a friend when she's snatched from the street.
Across the border in a Mexican prison Galvan is trying to stay out of trouble so he can get back to his daughter.  Galvan ends up in a fight, is taken to the bowls of the prison, and is given a task of cataclysmic proportions.  He must carry a package across the desert on foot while being partnered with three of his backstabbing (literally) fellow inmates. Completing this task means freedom for Galvan.
After Sherry goes missing, Ruth, her mother's friend, and a sheriff set out to save her from what has to be the cult's doing.  Sherry's prospective friend, Eric, has also made it his mission to save her.  Will someone recover Sherry? Will the cult be foiled?  What is Galvan carrying across the desert on foot?  Will there be a showdown between dead virgins and an old God named El Cucuy?  Who is El Cucuy?  Who knows?
I do........(neener, neeener, neeeener)!
The best way to some this book up is old God meets cult meets kidnapping meets desert fun.  Dead Run is a voyage into a hot dry fantasy land.  This book has nerve racking action sequences that keep you hovering above your seat.  Mansbach keeps his story lean and mean with no filler, just enough details to keep the complex plot at a blistering cadence. In Dead Run we learn that the human survival instinct can surprise even the oldest of beings.
This will satisfy realistic fantasy fans, overall fiction fans, or people that want enough action to jump start a heart.  If you like Dead Run, you will like Rage is Back also by Mansbach, The Postmortal by Drew Magary, Amped by Daniel H. Wilson or perhaps The Shotgun Rule by Charlie Huston.  Give this book a try.  You'll love the atmosphere and urgency Mansbach provides.  Dead Run races across page and ink so fast your fingers will blister and your eyes will ring red till you rip into the last page thirsty, sunburned, and bleeding.

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You Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316198530
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Mulholland Books - April 16th, 2013

After going to college and not finding what he wanted in life, Russel ends up applying for a job with people he knows from high school doing something he used to do in high school. He wants to go back to designing video games.  Russel starts working at Black Arts after Simon, the mastermind, passed away from an accident that left the building owners putting security cameras in their elevator shafts.  Don, Lisa, and Darren are still working toward putting out their newest game in the "Realms franchise."  Something goes wrong with the Waffle system, the software that helps create the game. No one but recently deceased Simon knows how Waffle works or how to debug it.
This story follows a group of friends back and forth through real time and video game time to fix the problem in their system.  The side stories in this book add to the characters' depth making the story richer.  Also, this book demonstrates that you should never give up and that sometimes, obsessing is necessary to achieve what you want. The themes in You are appealing to people interested in computer coding, technology growth over time, or the evolution of games/video games.  Fantasy fans will dig Russel playing out each Black Arts game to locate the rouge code.  This is just a fun book to read.  Other books I might compare You with are Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem, or if you want to go really far back William Gibson's Neuromancer.

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Insane City Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399158681
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Putnam Adult - January 29th, 2013

Let me preface this with, I have never read a Dave Barry novel.  I plan to remedy this in the near future.  Insane City incorporates many of my favorite things to find in a story like laughter, pimps, memory loss, pirate ships, weddings and so much more.  This book reads at such a fast pace that there is always something building up and happening.  It's like dilemmas keep getting compounded until problems begin exploding.

Seth is marrying his, way too good for him, fiancé in Florida.  They are bringing a groom posse, Seth's parents, Tina's extremely wealthy father (who is part of a select group of very powerful men that get whatever they want), and Tina's pot head sister with them.  Everyone in this book is involved in the plot.  None of the characters are filler.  I haven't even mentioned yet how they meet hookers, pimps, refugees, or large animals yet.  I'll let you meet them for yourselves.  The main plot revolves around Seth losing the wedding ring after alcohol induced memory loss.  He proceeds to try and retrieve the ring, but the universe seems dead set against him.  Seth also meets a woman at the bar where he's looking for the ring, and she raises eyebrows when she tags along in the hours leading up to the wedding. In the middle of all this, Seth stumbles upon some folks that really need his help.  Seth's future father in law is also working against him with his crooked security guards attempting to get rid of these people. So without getting into too much detail, these are some of the events leading up to an explosive end.
I highly recommend this as a good summer read or someone that likes a bumbling idiot kind of adventure.   Other novels and authors comparable to this would be Carl Hiassen, Tim Dorsey's Riptide Ultra-Glide, or Christopher Moore off the top of my head.  This story shows how much one person can endure in a short time period and still be happy.

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This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It (John Dies at the End #2) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312546342
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Thomas Dunne Books - October 2nd, 2012

This Book Is Full Of Spiders is a hilarious sequel of a book that runs you off the wall and through the roof. Dave and John, originally from David Wong’s book John Dies At The End, run through other reality's adventures at breakneck speeds. Dave and John have a knack for uncovering the “truth” of weird happenings in their town from their previous consumption of an otherworldly drug referred to as “soy sauce." The sauce lets them read between the lines of reality and sometimes spilling over into other-alitys. Whatever they end up doing, the duo always seem to land themselves in a pickle as strange as cats giving birth to dogs. This book is full of secret doors, shadow people (from other worlds, realitys, dimensions…), Molly (the impossible dog), and Amy, Dave’s one armed girlfriend. In spite of the craziness, Dave always tries to make it to work at the video store while being the voice of reason. John tries to incite adventure while being between jobs and beverages. If you are the kind of person that suspects you might hear voices or you’re just looking to go where intelligent people have never gone before, this book is for you.   

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Dora: A Headcase Cover Image
By Lidia Yuknavitch, Chuck Palahniuk (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9780983477570
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Hawthorne Books - August 7th, 2012

Dora is a problematic teen. Her troubles happen in family, sexual, and therepeutic departments of her life. Dora's mother is heavily medicated while her father is out womanizing. For Dora to escape these problems she hangs out with “sexualy different” friends ranging from middle aged Marlene, the cross dresser, to her would be lesbian lover, Obsidian. Her psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, is trying to tell Dora about her sexual problems when she knows everything already. She is continually plotting at these departments to make her life more tolerable.

Yukavitch's first novel will leave you spinning by the time you finish it. Dora has been refered to as a “chick's fight club.” The way this story is told keeps your eyes three lines ahead to see what's next. Her teen frustration and angst is so powerful it drives her to recording everything on tape. Her family, friends, and psychiatrist are all trying to save her from herself at all the wrong times. Dora is a roller coaster of weird.

For fans of Fight Club, Apathy, and Hairstyles of the Damned

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Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9781592407354
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Avery - October 2nd, 2012

Holy Ghost Girl appeared to me as some sort of realistic fiction. Upon further investigation it was clear that this book is, indeed, a memoir. Donna takes you on a journey through the south underneath a traveling revival tent from the 60's. Donna spent her early life bouncing around with the Terrellaties. Brother Terrell's following went from few to many in a matter of years thanks to his fighting of the KKK, healing of the sick, and prophesying of the end times. Donna and her brother bounce all over with Brother Terrell, her mom, and a host of different people that watch them for The older she gets the more she becomes torn on believing some holly roller doctrine and sinning with the worldly people. Over all Holy Ghost is a quick and exciting look into a different way of growing up for Donna.

For Fans of: the Glass Castle

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The Homecoming of Samuel Lake: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385344098
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Random House Trade Paperbacks - July 10th, 2012

Every year the Moses Clan has a family reunion. Unfortunate events soon unfold that brings the family closer together as well as more of their problems into the open. Willadee Moses and her children end up staying at her parents home until things can be straightened around and her husband Samuel Lake can get them back on their feet. Swan, Willadee's and Samuel's eleven year old acts so inquisitive that she almost falls in to snake holes all the time. Swan's preatcher father is having a hard time finding a congregation to take him in and settles at the Moses house. He developes an idea to have an oldfashioned tent sermon in the feild across from The moses house to help his self esteem and family out. A surprising person, rough edged uncle toy, comes to be a sort of hero for the children. Toy seems to always show up at the right time, and know just what to do. Over all this book touchs on so many subjects i couldn't say what kind of genre it is, other than it's a fantastic read. From begining to end you'll find that something you didn't expect is happening all the time. When you thought you had it figured out, you'll find Swan or Toy doing something to throw you off.

If you like this, you may like a story by Daniel Woodrell or Donald Ray Pollock, both are a little on the grittier side.


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Edge of Dark Water Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316188432
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Mulholland Books - March 27th, 2012

Sue Ellen's life is just about intolerable before one of her friends turns up dead. She has an addicted mother and a no good father, as well as an even wider host of creeps in her life. Sue Ellen, Jinx, and Terry decide to set off down the river for greener pastures, a chance at going to Hollywood, and hope for something better. On the way they run into all kinds of evil and hospitality.

Edge of Dark water is all around Mark Twain worship, with a little evil thrown in for good measure. This book moves at a fast pace while helping us to appriciate what we have, but not letting us forget that sometimes action is called for. If Mark Twain time traveld to now and became jaded he would probably develope crazy charcters like these. One charecter is named skunk and one is addicted to a laudanum/alchohol cure-all.

If you like this, try: Charlie Huston's The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death or also by Charlie, The Shotgun Rule

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Rage Is Back Cover Image
ISBN: 9780670026128
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Viking Books - January 10th, 2013

RAGE is Back is a great novel all around. I seem to have an interest in graffiti and different cultures. You don't need those interests to find RAGE a fun, fast paced read that will leave you guessing about what is lurking in the next corner.
RAGE is a tale of a boy, his father, graffiti, mood altering crazy rainforest drugs, street culture, and personal ideas of what the right thing to do is. There is also a fantastical element that doesn't get too far out there, it just adds a bit more depth to the story. Dondi is spinning his wheels in life when he runs into his father after going through a time ripple. After deciding he's pretty sure he likes finding his missing father of fifteen years, Dondi begins on a journey with RAGE(his father), WREN(his mother), and a host of graffiti characters to try and save the city and let people know the lies that the new mayoral candidate is capable of. Along the way we learn where Dondi's father has been and hear a couple of side stories from most of the main players that adds a little more definition to make them stand out. Without giving anything away, I will say that the climax of this book is mesmerizing. It's like your move in synch with everyone, feeling the pieces slide together and others catch on jagged edges.

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Gun Machine Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316187404
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Mulholland Books - January 1st, 2013

Warren Ellis always writes a good story, usually with pictures in the comic genre. This one happens to be his second novel. Being a giant fan of his, I will try to avoid selling you Ellis and concentrate on just talking about this book.

Gun Machine is packed with excitement and mayhem from begining to end.  Detective John Tallow loses his parnter, shoots a man, finds a room full of guns, remains on the case after shooting because "resourses are streatched too thin" to let him have time to recover from the shooting,  and stumbles upon a puzzle with pieces so smooth it's hard to tell if they fit together.  He aquires help from people that would have rather sabatoged his investigation in the beginning.  This is just the begining of the hunt. 

Gun Machine is quite far fetched but could definately, happen, which makes this a little scary, especially when you meet the man that put all the guns in one place.  The book just hits you in the face with the truth. The actions and idiosyncracities of the charecters may be funny or dark, but they are still how people act normally.  The mood of this novel is unsettling until the gaps begin to get filled in. This is a great read for someone wanting something fast, interesting, crime ridden, and darkly comic at times.  You might like this if you like the Sandman Slim series, Tim Dorsey, Charlie, Huston, Beat the Reaper, Motherless Brooklyn, or Boulevard by Stephen Jay Schwartz. 


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